Website Design & Development Company in Barcelona

Website Design & Development Company in Barcelona creates your web identity using enviable websites with clean navigation and site layout.


Our Expertise 

Build a Website That Converts Visitors Into Customers

A website is an important part of your business if you want to reach your audience quickly. It should reflect the quality of your brand and encourage your audience to depend on you. Our collaborative approach enables us to deliver high-quality web design to our clients. We work closely with young clients and ensure that the website truly represents their brand. Take advantage of our new web development services for a digital visitor experience. 


Website Design Company in Barcelona

Website Design Company in Barcelona


We Offer the Following Services 

WordPress Development

Our developers have extensive experience building websites using WordPress. With its great functionality, security, flexibility, and ease of use, it’s easy to see why millions of people have embraced it. We can help with theme development, API integration, and WordPress maintenance.


Responsive Web Design

We design and build beautiful, responsive websites to help your business stand out, improve SEO, and ensure your users have a seamless experience regardless of the device they’re using. This solution is better than creating or using an application because this website automatically adapts to different devices. It also enables touch operation on devices with this feature. 


Custom Websites

We will give you a complete overview of your website before it goes live.  Web Design Xtreme creates an effective website that creates a professional image of your business. The solutions we create range from simple information websites to complex e-commerce services, from CMS-based solutions to responsive websites that work flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile.


E-Commerce Website

In E-Commerce Website and Development Solutions. We create websites with user-friendly interfaces, beautiful appearances, and easy-to-manage backends. Be it an open-source platform or a .NET platform, our experts have extensive experience in working with any platform and creating an online store that will improve the user experience.


Annual Maintenance

Keep your website up-to-date and functional with Web Hosting Xtreme. An AMC expert that takes away all your worries about website updates while ensuring flawless website performance through regular backups, bug fixes, and more. It gives you access to all your recent achievements, new deals offers and updated information on the website as and when you need it.


Wix/WordPress Development

Wix is a powerful, feature-rich platform that allows you to manage your online store, build a high-quality website, and present high-profile clients with ease. You can organize business promotions, host online events, and showcase services to top clients using the Wix platform. At Web Xtreme, we have WordPress experts who deliver impactful solutions that increase conversions and revenue on your WordPress eCommerce store.


Highly Effective Web Design Process

A well-designed, high-quality website is essential for any business. It is the face of your business that attracts new customers and projects a strong brand image in the minds of your existing customers. At Web Design Xtreme, we help you create a powerful, robust and responsive website that combines the benefits of cutting-edge technology with a clean and elegant design to send a clear message. and interactions with guests.



Once we get all the information, our experts start creating a website that shows a clear idea of the website company. By implementing SEO strategies and creating effective strategies, we ensure that the results are impressive.


Ui/Ux Design

Generating multiple ideas and directions is one of the most important steps in this process. We work on wireframes, layouts, color schemes, reverse design and live sites, and more. This is the stage where all the production work is done. 



We start the testing process as soon as the website has all the visuals and content. Our designers and developers thoroughly test every page, every link, and every piece of content and review all the code to make sure the website meets development standards and is free of bugs. 



Once the website is tested and approved, we upload files to the server using File Transfer (FTP) software. We also offer website maintenance plans.



You Can See our clients feedback What You Say?

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.


Can you create a website on a budget?

Yes, we can design a website within budget. The cost of your website will depend largely on its complexity, the number of pages it has, etc. We will carefully consider your needs and concerns and plan how you can meet all these needs within your budget.

Why Is Good Web Design Important For Your Business?

Everyone, today, everyone has a busy schedule. When they open a website, the first thing they notice is its web design. This can encourage your viewer to stay on your site or leave. Your website should be designed in such a way that your visitor can find what they are looking for quickly. This will determine whether they will return to your site or not. Also, most of the way your content is published on your site is influenced by its web design and becomes harmful to your SEO ranking. This is especially important if you are a small business looking to grow. Having the right colors for your web design is also very important. Color has a strong emotional impact on your viewers and they will determine how they will react to the site. For example, having light pastel colors can give a cool and calm feeling. Having the right palette and layout can help build credibility with your audience. Because of this, it allows you to record the website and all the web pages on it. Most importantly, web design is what every business does today. If your competitor does, there's no reason why you shouldn't use this option to overtake them.

Is your website SEO optimized?

Yes, our website is SEO optimized. Our goal is to create a responsive web design whose content is the most technologically appropriate. We put simple and user-friendly URLs on the website, to make the browsing experience easier for users. We also ensure that the speed of our website runs on all types of devices.

What can a website do for your business?

In today's competitive industry, just using any website is not enough. Most internet users are not new to responsive, easy-to-use, beautiful, and fast web design. You can create a creative website to generate leads or an e-commerce website to sell products. Recent studies have shown that the average user looking for any information or product will run to your website when it can't load in just 3 seconds. If your website does not meet or exceed user expectations, you will lose authority, trust, and most importantly, revenue. However, a well-designed website can showcase your brand, engage with your audience, and boost your sales beyond your expectations.

How To Choose The Best Web Design Company In Delhi?

To choose the best web design company in Delhi, start by deciding what kind of website you want to create. Every business has its own needs for a website and having a clear idea of these will help you decide what kind of web design help you need. Before reaching a conclusion on the best web design company in Delhi, do thorough research on it to choose the right service. It is also important that you know the policies and copyrights of the following company, as the best web design company in the book may not be the best in practice. The social media presence of the company and the customer reviews and comments they have received are also good ways to find out the best web design company in Delhi. Finally, make sure that they are profitable and that you are not paying more than you should for their services.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

The time it takes to design and build a website depends on your website developer. If you are looking for the best web development company in Delhi to complete your design, it may take a little time because of their working process. Once the time between hiring a developer and starting work has passed, the process becomes smoother. Exactly how long it will take to fully build your site depends on the level of customization you are looking for. If you are really serious about it and looking for a high-quality design, it is advisable to contact the best web design company in Delhi and invest a week or even a month in one. On average, it can take about 14 weeks or 3-4 months to conceive.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Web design that adapts to screens and screens is called automatically proportional. By having a responsive web design, people can ensure that their website can be navigated through any device and that it will work flawlessly. These websites display and "respond" differently, depending on the website from which it is opened.

Why Is It Important To Have A Friendly Or Responsive Website?

People often don't know how to create a user-friendly website. However, it is very important to have this because in today's world, people are looking for things on their phones rather than computers. Laptops and desktop computers started out as just office work. Having a responsive website optimizes device usage and makes it more user-friendly for your audience. Once you've created your website, complete a user-friendly website test online to make sure you're good to go. Creating a user-friendly website is easy when you have the best web design company in Delhi, or wherever you are from, to help you develop it.

What is the cost of a website?

The cost of creating a website in India depends on the services you want to get. Website packaging cost ranges from around 3500 to 3 Lakhs depending on various factors like domain cost, logo, hosting, design, content management system, if you need a content writer, etc.

How much do you pay for website design?

To be the best web design company in Delhi is to provide quality services at affordable prices. Our rates for static websites start at Rs. 4500. A powerful website starts at Rs 15,000. E-commerce will cost you a tariff of Rs. 20,000. Tariffs for CRM software range from Rs. 30,000 and up, and WordPress website development starts at Rs 11,000. A specific price can be agreed upon depending on the type of work you want us to do.

What kind of technology do you support?

We support a variety of technologies to ensure we have the right one for your needs. We currently offer services for HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, PHP, LARAVEL, REACT, NODEJS, SQL, MongoDB, PYTHON, ANGULAR, WORDPRESS, MAGENTO, and FLUTTER.